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Are you there?

Just checking in with everyone. I hope everyone is well and happy. Check in eveyonce and awhile and  let us know your still breathing! 

Lance Quint

Lance, you are wonderful for keeping us all in touch! What's new with you?
I'm alive and well. Leaving in a couple of weeks to go to French language immersion school in Villefranche sur Mer, close to Nice. The class is a month then I'll stay a couple of weeks to practice. Should have done this years ago! Now it's become quite a brain exercise! 

Are you there?

I assume the recent reply on the message board is from Kathie W. Your the only one I know who would have a reason to learn French. I have a hard time with English, I'm good at making up words however. Your trip sounds wonderful. Lisa has Greece on her bucket list so we are trying to figure that adventure out at this time. Lovely to hear from you!

Lance Quint

You are correct, Lance! C'est moi! I guess I don't know how to add my name!

Kathy Waite Hatz

Hoping all had a great summer!

Check in and let us know how your doing. Was glad to make connection with those who showed for John Matoba at the firehouse. It was short but so good to say Hi! Don't know what the future holds for us but keep in touch. It is good to hear from people you know from time to time. Here's to good health and fortune in the coming winter months!   Lance

Lance Quint
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